For generations natives and non-natives have lived side by side at Ipperwash in relative peace and harmony. Cottagers have made every effort to insure that our community has shown respect and consideration for the people of Kettle Point. This blatantly illegal act by Tom Bressette will strain community relationships, forcing the residents of both communities into an “us and them” mindset.

Lambton Shores staff provided council with an an update on legal considerations related to Ipperwash Beach, including those that relate to the operation of vehicles. (Courtesy of the Lakeshore Advance)

At its meeting of December 18, 2014, Council received a report on the Ipperwash Beach situation and passed a resolution stating that with the intention of finding a respectful and lawful solution to the disputed matter of vehicle access to the Ipperwash beaches between West Ipperwash Road and Army Camp Road.