Ipperwash Phrag Phighters


The Ipperwash Phrag Phighters (IPP) is a group of local residents, cottage owners, renters and visitors who want to stop the growth and spread of invasive Phragmites australis in the Ipperwash area.

Working under the umbrella of the Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group (LSPCG), the purpose of the IPP is to educate Ipperwash users to Phragmites:

  • what they are,
  • where they are,
  • how to identify and control their spread,
  • and why we need to take action NOW!

The growth of Phragmites, along the shoreline of Ipperwash Beach, is in the early stages.  This is when it can be managed most effectively, and with less cost.  Take a look to the west of Kettle Point to see what can happen if no action is taken, action is delayed and/or constant monitoring is interrupted. It is important that everyone takes action to control and eliminate this invasive plant!   GET INVOLVED!