Ipperwash Historical Committee

CICA is building a historical archive of events, photos, and videos of our Ipperwash history.

Your contributions are welcome, so please send along your Ipperwash History to share.

Volunteers are also welcome to assist with cataloguing and adding information to our archive. Please use the form below to indicate that you are interested in assisting with this project and we’ll link up.

Stories we are currently looking for information

1973 High Water – damaged cottages

The Ipperwash Casino

The high water in the late 1980s when you had to wade in the water to get around Cobblestone.

When the gas station closed – Mr. Simms. There was a post office in there too.

The fight to get cars off the beach that wasn’t owned by Kettle Point. Mom’s got a pic of Joanne in a helmet playing in the sand at age three or so.

When “The Sands” restaurant closed and became a cottage.

When we had a bakery and Prongs.

Two miniature golf courses

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