About CICA

The Centre Ipperwash Community Association is an organization formed to investigate and pursue property-owner matters that affect the members, a collective voice in addressing issues with the elected and appointed officials.

The Mandate of CICA 
  • developing and fostering community spirit
  • promoting public interest in the history of Ipperwash and to encourage research therein
  • rendering assistance to the various levels of government by supplying information collected as a result of research carried on under the auspices of the corporation
  • carrying on research and investigation into problems connected with the ownership, development, management, financing and promotion of real property in the centre Ipperwash area
  • and such other complimentary purposes not inconsistent with these objects,

Current Projects

Building a Stronger Community and Social Committees

By coming together to share, work and play, the quality of life within our community can be improved. Join us at a social event or community project to meet neighbours and make new friends while bettering our community in Ipperwash.

Check out our current CICA Projects