Description of Phragmites australis

  • Stem-nodes are tan green, dull and rigid; can reach 5 metres (12 feet), hollow stems have a rough texture
  • Leaf-dark blue-green, bluish grey-green, smooth, tapers from a rounded base toward its top; lance shaped; 20-40 centimetres long and 1-4 centimetres wide
  • Rhizome-white to light yellow
  • Seedhead-dense, silky, floral spikelets, purplish at first then become tawny to dark brown at maturity
  • Growth habit-tend towards mature, dense, monotypic stands
  • Other-Leaf sheath do not fall off, litter from the previous year has remnant leaves



Great Lakes Phragmites Collaborative
Michigan Natural Features Inventory:  Phragmites
Ontario Phragmites Working Group