New Information Gatehouse

New Information Gatehouse

Recently I met with Kettle & Stony Point First Nations(KSPFN) at their request to share information about some concerning recent events in our Ipperwash community.

It was explained by Chief Henry that due to recent activities where uninvited people were using the waterfront of the former Ipperwash Provincial Park, KSPFN has placed a gate house where pedestrians and vehicles were entering from Army Camp Road at the waters edge. This gate is not a toll gate but rather a staffed information booth controlling access to KSPFN managed lands.  Chief Henry further clarified, this controlled access is much like the current gatehouse to the former Army Camp at Hwy 21 and is required by Federal contract for accountability while the process of remediation of the lands is ongoing. Staff are sharing an information pamphlet and explaining access to this waterfront area is limited to specific personnel, including but not limited to, staff involved with the clean-up and KSPFN members. As explained, this new entry onto KSPFN lands is for safety.

this new entry onto KSPFN lands is for safety

Shared at a recent Executive meeting, CICA members have visited this new gate access to better understand this change in our community. Several members have shared their interactions and have been impressed with the professionalism of the KSPFN staff and thankful for the information being shared.  Overall this new gatehouse has been very positive experience by all accounts.  Chief Henry shared that several community members, perhaps CICA members, have visited the staff with bottled water and snacks which has been very much appreciated. Further more, Chief Henry indicated that the majority of interactions at the gatehouse has been positive.

Unfortunately there has been an incident where a male driving a grey tractor attempted to provoke the KSPFN staff into an dispute with vulgarities and citing his 60 year “On Fire” membership as justification to do as he pleased where ever he saw fit. When unsuccessful to incite the KSPFN staff this older man attempted to intimidate the staff by driving his tractor at them only turning away at the last moment. This possible criminal activity is very concerning and unacceptable behaviour as agreed to by all in attendance.  I was very disappointed to hear of this type of activity in our community. Local authorities have been notified and any further actions like this will be reported immediately.

Since this interaction, the Lambton Shores garbage cans near the new gatehouse have been dumped along the waters edge on the KSPFN lands during the unstaffed hours.  Garbage including broken glass has been left to pollute our community and possibly injured people and or animals. Very alarming, upsetting and unacceptable activities.

It is my hope that publishing this information from our meeting, along with the KSPFN pamphlet (Click here to view the KSPFN Pamphlet) prevents any further incidents.  Please do your part to share this information with friends, family and visitors to our community to ensure accurate information is being distributed.

Remember when at the waters edge,

take nothing but photos and leaving only footprints

Let’s keep Ipperwash our welcoming, safe, and special place, enjoyed by so many.


Brent Shea

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  1. That is absurd….do we know who this individual is on the grey tractor? The OPP should be notified of his illegal and dangerous activity.