Ipperwash Phrag Phighters

Ipperwash Phrag Phighters (IPP) is a group of local residents, cottage owners, renters and visitors committed to stopping the growth and spread of Invasive Phragmites australis in the Ipperwash area.  Working with the Lambton Shores Phragmites Community Group (LSPCG), the purpose of the IPP is to educate Ipperwash users about Phragmites:  what they are, where they are, how to identify and control their spread, and why we need to take action NOW!  Every Friday, we will be posting a topic about Phragmites.

Please visit the IPP area on the CICA website [click here] to learn more about each topic.

Questions?  Please contact us at ipperwashphragphighters@gmail.com

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