Wetland Phrag removal

Wetland Phrag removal

Twenty-four volunteers made terrific strides towards the restoration of the Tanner Road swale at Ipperwash. My brother, Scott, even donned waders. Dr. Janice Gilbert with the Invasive Phragmites Control Centre, and a Manual Cutting Crew, helped us achieve our goal of opening the swale from west to east! Anita Turner and Maureen Harvey. Raved the north bank, along with Lorraine Hall (missing from the picture).

A boat, sleds, and the Truxor removed a massive amount of biomass to the south bank, where Heather Raymond, JoAnne Marshall Sharon Montgomery, and Nancy Milburn we’re ready to drag full tarps to the road.

Our greatest wish came true….the swale became whole again. The die-hards at the end of the day, tidying up. Back to front, Lexi, Kate and Cole: the Manual Control Crew, and Deb Dolmage…the “Energizer Bunny/Tasmanian Devil” of our group. She keeps going, and Goin, and going! Tom Siegner takes a moment to reflect on the work completed. Sandra Marshall stands in the midst of the day’s work. Work will continue every week’s Day morning if anyone is interested in volunteering. Interac donations would also be greatly appreciated! Just set us up as a payee at [email protected]. Maintaining the swale will be ongoing so both people and funds will be required.

John McLean, Mike Huybers and Greg Turner we’re part of the crew hauling the Phrag to the dump site, where the Municipality of Lambton Shores hailed the biomass away early Tuesday morning. Two other volunteers, Christine Mansell and Lisa Chalpenko Carmody, waded through dense bulrushes to remove the Phrag that had regrown from last year’s cull. JoAnne Wilton kept everyone organized at the registration desk. Michele Ferri dropped by with some delicious home made butter tarts. A hit with the volunteers. John McLean, Mike Huybers and Tony Meininger are loading the Wagon on the ATV.

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