Everyone wants the barriers put back in. Let’s aim for 40 letters to the mayor and council by March 13, 2015.

Use our website to write and email these letters! When you address your letters to Mayor and Council, these emails will be sent to the clerk, Carol McKenzie and end up on the agenda. The letters are for the council meeting scheduled March 24, 2015. The deadline to have these letters sent in is March 13, 2015.

You will be able to see your letters on the agenda of that meeting after March 20, 2015

Click on the link below to the municipal website, go to meeting and click on agenda. You may have to scroll just about to the end of the agenda to see these letters.


Let’s get writing and see if we can make a difference! Thank you for your help.

Copy and paste your letter into our form to quickly email it MPs and other officials

Don’t have much time to write? Use our quick email form letters to show support

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  1. Will the letters that are on CICA website already (A. Collins, Viselli, etc) be on the council agenda or should those that wrote those letters resubmit them to be on LS council agenda?