Water Walkers

waterWalkersGood morning: Just letting you know the Water Walkers, who started in Quebec in June, journeying through Ontario, and ending in Wisconsin in September, will be staying in Kettle Point this evening. Tomorrow morning early (4:30- 5 a.m.) they will leave to continue on to Bayfield, and will be journeying along the beachfront from Kettle Point to Army Camp Road. The vehicles accompanying them will be travelling on Parkway and meet up with the walkers again at Army Camp Road.

Grandmother Water walker Josephine Maundamin took seven years to walk all around the Great Lakes to pray for and bless the waters. Since then the walks have continued in various locations and this walk is to raise awareness of the oil spills in the waterways, and to keep our waters sacred. Josephine is on this walk and will be welcomed this evening at a community feast in Kettle Point. The walkers will then rest at Birch Pine and continue on their journey tomorrow morning.

Anyone is welcome to join them on their journey, either for a short distance while they pass through, or for a longer commitment.


Lorraine George
First Nation Manager/CEO
Chippewas of Kettle & Stony Point First Nation
519 786-2125

For more information on the Water Walkers visit their website at: www.motherearthwaterwalk.com


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