Surplus main street land discussed

Surplus main street land discussed

Council passed the by-law to declare some Grand Bend west property surplus to the Municipality.

In November, Sam Karamountsos, owner of Growling Gator as well as the former Casino corner property, requested of Lambton Shores the ability to purchase municipal lands located on Main Street, west in Grand Bend.

Staff received correspondence from Marsh Katsios Architect pertaining to 83-85 Main Street in Grand Bend be with respect to the request to acquire the existing ROW on the west side of 83-85 Main Street, Grand Bend, and the proposal to use the Huron Parking Lot for access to the loading area, and include the impact of the loss of three parking spaces in the lot.

Notice went out advising that council would be considering the issue at their January 12, 2016 meeting and asked for comments to be submitted.

Staff received two requests for additional information respecting the sale of the lands.

Richard Miller requested information respecting the size of the lot and the dimensions of the property were provided.

John Goodwin requested full disclosure and asked, “How was value established? Why is it being sold? And why is Lambton Shores not ‘banking’ future valuable lands?”

Goodwin was informed that council asked that notice of the proposed sale be provided to the public, and that Council continued to consider the matters in closed session in accordance with the Municipal Act.

At the February 2nd meeting council received the report and passed a bylaw to declare the property surplus to the Municipality.

Karamountsos, owner of Growling Gator located at the end of Main Street has purchased the former Lakeview Casino corner and intends on demolishing the two buildings on the west side of the property.

He said these properties have undergone several renovations and additions and are in a debilitated condition and he plans on erecting a new building facing and addressing the main street and the nearby beach. “The new building would be a commercial use on the ground floor and two story residential units above for the second and third floor,” he said adding “The new building would be aesthetically pleasing and welcoming the public in this very important location.” Through his architect Marsh Katsios, Karamountsos informed council he would like to acquire the land of the right-of-way on the west side located between the municipalities parking lot and the Karamountsos property.”

Presently it is used for loading and unloading trucks and access to the parking area at the north side of the property,” explained Marsh, “The municipality is presently not using this area and could not extend the parking lot into this area because Karamountsos has the right of way also.

“The reason for acquiring this area is to extend the new building on it and eliminate the nuisance of having loading trucks from the newly renovated main street.” “However,” said Marsh,”to remove the loading area from main street we would like to obtain access for loading from the rear parking lot.To make this access work the municipality must eliminate three parking spaces.

There will now be negotiations with Karamountsos and the municipality as for price.

Source: Surplus main street land discussed | Lakeshore Advance