Researchers confirm tornado Sunday near Arkona

Researchers confirm tornado Sunday near Arkona
Western University’s Northern Tornado Project posted this photo on Twitter of damage from a tornado confirmed to have hit a farm near Arkona Sunday. HANDOUT

Weather researchers at Western University in London confirmed an EF1 tornado hit a dairy farm on Gordon Road near Arkona Sunday, among several connected with severe weather that day across the region.

The researchers said the tornado in Lambton Shores saw a maximum wind speed of 155 kilometres per hour and a path length of 15.4 kilometres, and maximum path width of 200 metres.

Buildings were damaged, but residents of the farm and its livestock weren’t injured.

Members of Western University’s Northern Tornadoes Project, a research lab dedicated to the study of twisters, sent teams to several areas of the region that saw damage from a storm Sunday that led Environment Canada to issue a tornado warning in several communities.

Tornadoes were also confirmed near Belmont, north of Lucan, and Beachville, along with a waterspout – a tornado over water – for Lake Huron near Bright’s Grove.

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Source: Researchers confirm tornado Sunday near Arkona | The Observer