CICA Executive Update

In order to control the number of people coming to Ipperwash Beach on any given day, Infrastructure Ontario (IO) has reduced the size of the East Parkway Parking lot by about 30%. Infrastructure Ontario (IO) manages the six beach accesses at Ipperwash. This still leaves roughly 450 parking spots spread out amongst the various parking areas.

The Centre Ipperwash Community Association (CICA) represents 140 property owners between Army Camp Road and West Ipperwash Road, and Highway 21 to Lake Huron, and we support this initiative. 

The infrastructure of Ipperwash Beach is unfortunately limited and the pandemic pointed this out to all. Overflowing washroom facilities, garbage and litter issues along with unsafe and illegal parking on sidewalks and roadways were the result of too many visitors. Until we understand the best level of parking to infrastructure needs, CICA will continue to support changes that better the community for its residents.

CICA this past year has been successful with these initiatives:

  • CICA lobbied for and obtained a crosswalk at the East Parkway Parking lot.
  • CICA lobbied IO to reduce parking to a size that the facilities can hopefully accommodate with the number of people on a busy day.
  • CICA lobbied IO to install more portable toilets. We have twice as many as last year.
  • CICA installed park benches and garbage bins.
  • CICA lobbied for and obtained more garbage receptacles from IO
  • CICA lobbied for and obtained more “no parking” areas and have been ensured of stepped up bylaw enforcement resulting in safer roads.
  • CICA lobbied for and will be getting improved signage at all IO parking lots
  • CICA organizes weekly beach and road clean ups.

To report bylaw issues to the Municipality of Lambton Shores (MLS):

If you are not a member of CICA, consider joining and help keep Ipperwash Beach the most beautiful freshwater beach.

5 Comments on “CICA Executive Update

  1. Thank you for this info.. Is there any data on the capacity of each of the individual parking lots? Also the frontage of the Infrastructure Ontario beacfront lots?

    • I have approximate measurements of the frontage for IO properties. This was done by going on-line. Unfortunately the Assessment Roll Numbers only give the area and perimeter. I called the Lambton County office and they told me to contact the Municipality. I have emailed out Councillor to see who to contact for more information.

  2. I just contacted the Municipality about lakefront property measurements. As mentioned in a previous post, it gives area and perimeter only. Unfortunately, you have to use the Lambton County GIS Online, highlight each property and use the distance key to calculate the width. I have done this, but the estimates are only approximate. Anyone can do the same thing. CICA has an estimate for the number of parking spaces for each IO property. The actual number of spaces depends upon the parking level skills of the users.

  3. I see they are taking the parking barriers down as I type. That didn’t last long!