WARNING: Scam emails

Recently an email account used by one of our executive members has been hacked and as a result several emails have been sent out asking for money to purchase iTunes cards. The account hacked is cicaipperwash@hotmail.com and because the address includes CICA Ipperwash, many recipients have wondered if the CICA website has been hacked.
The website has not been hacked and measures have been taken to prevent further malicious emails from going out.

Safety Tips when using email

A malicious email can look just like it comes from a financial institution, an e-commerce site, a government agency or any other service or business.

It often urges you to act quickly, because your account has been compromised, your order cannot be fulfilled or there is another urgent matter to address. In the recent email scam, recipients were urged to order iTunes cards for a family member.

“I need a favour from you. I need to get three iTunes gift cards for my niece, Its her birthday but I can’t do this now because I’m currently traveling.”

If you are unsure whether an email request is legitimate, try to verify it with these steps:

  • Contact the company directly – using information provided on an account statement, on the company’s official website or on the back of a credit card.
  • Search for the company online – but not with information provided in the email.

When in doubt about any correspondence with CICA, please contact us directly or through the website.

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