The West Region Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) is reminding all shoppers to be mindful that thieving eyes are preying on you.   While “shoppers rush home with their treasures” there are others who are hoping you’re distracted so they can steal your goods.

·       Never leave a purse, wallet or handbag unattended in a shopping cart
·       Shop with a buddy whenever possible
·       Don’t carry large sums of cash when you shop
·       Keep your cash concealed
·       Always conceal your PIN when using credit or debit machines
·       Refrain from taking out large amounts of cash from ATM’s
·       Don’t leave purchased items in an unattended cart – even for a second
·       Keep your vehicle and/or house keys in a pocket and out of sight
·       Take all purchased items to your car and secure them
·       Keep all purchased goods in a locked vehicle, and out of plain view
·       Park in well-lit areas of shopping malls
·       Park in well-travelled areas of parking lots
·       Refrain from parking in garages where there is limited or poor lighting

The key to successful shopping is never being distracted and always being aware of people all around you.  Thieves target distracted and careless shoppers.

Crime prevention is everyone’s responsibility.