Ipperwash resident frustrated with passing the buck

Ipperwash resident frustrated with passing the buck

LakeshoreAdvanceLogoSince the 5th of December, a lot of letters have been written to various levels of government, and media outlets in regards to the illegal removal of the vehicle barricades at Ipperwash Beach.

To a lot of people, this sounds like a lot of hoopla about nothing, but what those people fail to realize, is that there is a lot at stake here, and how necessary it is to have those barriers put back up as soon as they can possibly go back in.

Safety, is the absolute #1 concern here. Kids running out of the water for their towels, or toys should not have to stop and look both ways for fear of getting struck by a car or truck looking for a parking spot, or enjoying a drive down the beach!!! A lot of other beaches have parking lots at certain access ways, and people get all of their stuff to and from their cars without any hassle. A lot of the parking for Ipperwash Beach is FREE!!

Environmental concerns here are also a major concern. The natural dunes, and dune grasses help prevent erosion, stop drifting, and add a natural beauty to the beachscape, and there are large rumours that bulldozers and other machines are prepared to push these back, to make room for cars, and parking.

The Chief of the Kettle and Stony Point band has claimed that the beach is part of a historical trading trail, and should not be closed off. The beach was never closed off, barriers were put up to prevent all walks of life, and races from getting struck by a car while walking the beach. A road has since been built that has a much more direct route between the two points, for vehicles to travel back and forth on, and the beach should be left for walking on.

A few years back, there was a tragic incident where a young girl drowned, and all lakefront property owners were sued shortly afterwards. Unfortunately, if these barricades don’t go back in, we are being set up to be sued again.

One of the most frustrating parts of this whole scenario is that no matter who we email, write or call, we seem to get the same response.. “we would love to help, but this falls under someone else’s jurisdiction, or if our political party was in charge, we would be able to help you more. The time to stop passing the buck is now, and our elected officials must come together and do what is right, for the safety of beach goers now, and for the future, and get the traffic barricades back in place immediately.
Thank you.

D’Arcy McMaster

via the Lakeshore Advance

2 Comments on “Ipperwash resident frustrated with passing the buck

  1. Well put Darcy
    It seems common sence is lost on our politicians and the Chief. And let’s be clear. It is only the chief not the majority of the First Nations members of KP&SP.

  2. Everyone is welcomed to walk the beach! Let’s keep it that way!
    Why, would you want to worry about cars when you are trying to relax on the beach with your families? KEEP CALM AND WALK ON THE BEACH should be a new sign on the beach!