High Water Impacts Questionnaire

Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Shoreline Landowners and Businesses 2019 High Water Impacts Questionnaire

Wet conditions throughout the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River basin in the spring of 2019 resulted in record-high or near record-high water levels in each of the Great Lakes.  These high water level conditions caused tremendous challenges (which are still ongoing in certain areas) for people living and working along the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River shoreline including direct damages to their homes and valued property.

The IJC’s Great Lakes-St. Lawrence River Adaptive Management (GLAM) Committee is working closely with the IJC’s International Lake Ontario – St. Lawrence River Board (ILOSLRB) and the International Lake Superior Board of Control (ILSBC) to reach out to property and business owners who were directly affected by the high water levels in 2019. 

CICA is asking shoreline property owners affected by the high waters to complete the survey to assist in evaluating and improving the estimation models to predict potential damages under a range of Great Lakes water level conditions. 

Take the survey here: https://ijc.org/en/glam/watershed/questionnaire/high-water-levels-2019