2023 CICA Elections – Vacancies

Our annual General Meeting is August 12, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. We have 3 Executive positions available and we are looking for a 3 Full Members to fill these positions.

Please consider letting your name stand for these positions.

Nominations are to be submitted to Sandra Marshall (Secretary) by July 29th, 2023.

You can submit a hard copy with 2 Full Members supporting your nomination or by email ([email protected]) with a date and signature.

Thank you CICA Executive.


Centre Ipperwash Community Association(CICA) provides residents with the opportunity to speak with a unified voice and become an advocate for our community. Citizens can foster support systems and strengthen connections by engaging neighbours in the community through social events and working towards common goals.

Nominate a member to join the CICA Executive

  1. Protect the community’s property values
    A primary role of CICA is to assist property owners with issues affecting their property or property rights. Being involved allows you to further your knowledge of Municipal, Provincial, Federal, and other non-government organizations that impact property rights and our community. Being an active organization assists with keeping up the property standards and protecting the value of your home or cottage.
  2. Meet new neighbours
    What better way to meet neighbours and make friends than to get involved in CICA? Study after study shows making friends is easier when you live in close proximity and see each other on a regular basis. Attending CICA meetings, discussing issues, and planning events together will bring you closer to your community and make you feel more connected to our already close community.
  3. Understand community history
    A foundational mandate of CICA is to promote public interest in the history of Ipperwash and to encourage research therein. Discovering the interesting origins of this community and its growth is truly fascinating.
  4. Fix problems in the community
    CICA provides residents with a platform to address important issues. If you’ve heard the same complaint from more than one neighbour, as an executive member you are able to assist with bringing forward solutions to the problem. Being a part of the CICA board allows you to fix problems and change things for the better.
  5. Gain leadership skills
    Want to hone your leadership skills in a no-pressure environment? Then joining the CICA Executive may be the right decision for you. Not only will participating on the CICA board teach you problem-solving and strategic thinking skills, but it will also allow you to polish your public speaking and negotiation skills – all of which help your future leadership abilities.
  6. Plan and participate in community events and social activities
    Join our board to help plan and set up social events and activities to bring people together. Association barbecues, family-friendly outdoor activities, breakfast on the beach and holiday parties are all great excuses to socialize and get to know your neighbours. If you’re one who especially likes to party plan, your event planning expertise could benefit Ipperwash.
  7. Add volunteer experience to your resume
    Looking to beef up your resume? Adding volunteer positions, such as a CICA board member, is never a bad idea. After all, what employer wouldn’t want to see that you’re working hard to improve your neighbourhood and overall quality of life? Having this volunteer position on your resume proves that you’re a community-oriented, civic leader. Often your skills from your personal or professional life are an asset to further enhance Ipperwash and/or CICA.