Membership Levels

Connect with Ipperwash and stay current as a member of the Centre Ipperwash Community Association (CICA). For pennies a day, have access to accurate information about our community and lend your voice to advocate to improve Ipperwash.

Full Member

Full memberships are for those who own property in Centre Ipperwash and are limited to only ONE Full member per property.  Additional memberships are available as Associate members.  Members are able to access information about issues that pertain to property owners in our community of Ipperwash.  Full members are also able to vote at our Annual General Meeting.
Each assessed property can have only one full member.
No member shall be entitled to vote at meetings of the Association unless he/she has paid all dues or fees payable by him/her.

Associate Member

Associate memberships are available for those non-property owners, including tenants, spouses of members, multiple owners of properties not eligible for Full Membership. Associate members may attend meetings, voice concerns, receive newsletters, access the members-only website and other information; they will not have voting privileges and may not be members of the Association Executive.

Boundaries of Centre Ipperwash Community Association

The geographical limits of the Centre Ipperwash Community Association (CICA) are the area west of Army Camp Road (formerly the Tenth Concession), north of Highway 21, east of West Ipperwash Road (formerly the Fourteenth Concession) and bound on the north by the Lake Huron shoreline.