Identifying Imitators

July 22, 2020 @ 2:00 PM
Coastal Centre - Webinar

Identifying Imitators:
Comparing species at risk to their look-a-likes

The fifth webinar in our “Learning about Lake Huron – A Summer Coastal Webinar Series” will discuss a few different and unique species at risk that live on or travel across Lake Huron, and compare these to their look-a-like companions. Often, species at risk have developed unique features, colorants, or behaviors to protect themselves from predators or allow them to live in harsh, demanding environments, which have been imitated by other non-native species! Attend this webinar if you want to learn more about the species at risk on Lake Huron, including Butterflies, Birds, Turtles, Trees and Snakes.

This webinar is generously sponsored by Nuclear Waste Management Organization, Bruce Power, and TD Friends of the Environment Foundation as a cornerstone of our Coast Watchers Citizen Science Program and our Green Ribbon Champion Restoration Program.

Registration in advance is required for this webinar. 

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